Mobile Catering Services

Love our food but already have a venue? For events not hosted in our spectacular event space, we offer off-site catering and bar service. 

We always strive to bring you the highest quality food and drink and our reputation is due to the unique fact that we cook all of our food fresh to order and on-site at your venue! Our "ready to go" set up allows us to cook your event's menu virtually anywhere guaranteeing that our food is always fresh and made to order on site! 

Our food will always arrive from our grill to your plate in a matter of minutes!

Mobile Catering Services

Mobile grill cooking

Our Service Area

 In our efforts to make your experience as fresh as possible, our services are limited to the Tallahassee and Thomasville area. If you are looking for off-site catering or for drop-off style service, please contact one of our Event Managers with your desired location's address so that we can provide you with our availability and potential options!


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